Kind with the Planet

The development of Kahai Oil is completely sustainable. We apply Fair Trade principies aimed at increasing the quality life of communities, and promote the use of Environmentally Friendly practices in crops, so that the impact on the ecosystem is less. Visit to know more about the social projects we are doing.

When using Kahai Oil you are helping us reforest 5.000 hectares with “Cacay” in Colombia’s Amazon region, generating incomes for peasant and indigenous families within conflict zones.

Respect for life

We verify the safety of our product without any type of tests on animals, our programs are based on the fundamental principle of opposition to unnecessary tests on animals and respect for animal welfare. Visit to learn more about the social projects we are developing.

About Kahai SAS

We are the first company in the world to industrialize the Cacay, our mission is to establish this crop as an alternative for sustainable economic development, and turn it into an icon of Colombian biodiversity.

We are dedicated to the production, transformation and commercialization of products derived from the Cacay tree. We integrate the entire value chain from wild collection, where we develop educational campaigns to publicize the potential of the species and prevent it from being deforested by its firewood. Through the wild harvest we are generating income to more than 200 peasant and indigenous families in conflict zones and reforesting 5000 hectares in the Amazon.

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Entérate de lo nuevo


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Kahai SAS © 2024 All rights reserved.

Kahai SAS © 2024 All rights reserved.